“I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 22 years which is most of my life. For the first 18 years of this journey I wore hard contact lenses (rigid gas permeable lenses), this was horrible, my eyes were constantly red, I would delay putting them in till I was about to leave for work and often rip them off as soon as I got home.

I live a very active lifestyle and would lose them frequently while cycling, swimming etc.  They were so uncomfortable that it was easier to have bad vision (while doing some of these activities) than deal with the discomfort. I tried everything to get rid of them, I did a SIML-C procedure on my right eye and inserted a Kera-Ring on my left eye. Both procedures didn’t work and I had to go for a 2nd procedure to remove the Kera-Ring after six months of recurring eye infections.

At this point, my ophthalmologist recommended that I try Scleral lenses and recommended Mr. Brauer. Scleral lenses have been a turning point in my life, I have zero discomfort, I put the lenses in as soon as I wake up before I even shower and take them off right before going to bed. I can go to the beach in a gale force wind and keep my eyes open (previously if there was a slight wind on a beach, I would have a problem) and even my concentration at work has improved. I have the best vision and the most comfort since my journey started and my wife says that its even made me a calmer person.

Thank you Dr. Brauer for the patience and care that you have taken to fit these life changing lenses into my eyes!”