The Story So Far

The History of Saks, Taylor and Brauer

Saks, Taylor and Brauer Optometrists originated c. 1922 when J.L. Saks bought H.W. Moulang’s optical practice situated in Market Street, Pretoria. After relocating to Church Street in 1929, the practice grew in its expertise and clientele in an upward trend that continues to this day at their two suite rooms in Brooklyn Mall and at Newlands Plaza.
Founding member J.L. Saks was a true pioneer in the optometric field. In addition to the South African Optometric Association conferring Honorary Life membership to him in 1946 and Honorary Life Presidency to him in 1951, he was also awarded Honorary Life Membership by the American Academy of Optometry in 1974 – the first person outside the United States to achieve this honour.

In South Africa the profession of optometry was initiated and established as a result of J.L. Saks’s successful legal defence in a historic court action in 1931 after a court case was brought against him for charging a fee for carrying out an eye examination. On appeal, the court ruled in favour of J.L. Saks, thereby making it legal for optometrists to charge professional fees. The Rex versus Saks became a corner stone of optometric legislation in South Africa and, subsequently, many parts of the Western World.
With this great example set by their father it is hardly surprising that J.L.´s sons, Brian and Sidney, followed in his footsteps to the extent that both were also presidents of the South African Optometric Association and each was awarded Honorary Life Presidency of this body. Both also served as chairman and members of the Professional Board of Optometry on the Medical and Dental Council. Sidney’s son in law, Peter Brauer, also a past president of the SAOA, continues to play an active role in optometric politics to this day. Sidney continued to practice until late in 2016 when he decided to finally retire after an astounding 66 years in practice! Vincent Taylor joined the practice in 1969 followed by Peter Brauer in 1978 and Margaret Salmon (Beckwith) in 1979.

The Story Continues

A Century of Quality Service

As we approach our 100 th year of operation, we continue to be guided by the same passion and values which saw the inception of our practice in 1922. Every day, we are committed to delivering excellent eye care, at the best prices – all the while ensuring we maintain our relationships with patients, serving them for life.

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