There is an often-repeated service or sales maxim that goes something along the following lines:

There are 3 kinds or service:
Cheap…. Fast…. Good
But you can only choose 2:
Cheap and fast will not be good
Fast and good will not be cheap
And Good and cheap will not be fast.

I think anyone that has spent time in any industry or business that is in service provision will agree, that this, for the most part, is probably true. It requires extraordinary planning (or possibly significant stupidity) to try and achieve all three at once. We spend a lot of time at our practice trying to make our patients’ visits as efficient and hassle free as possible, and we do our best to try and honour peoples’ time, as it is, after-all, the one thing that none of us can manufacture or get back if we spend to foolishly.

With this in the back of our minds, the Saks Taylor and Brauer Think Tank got together and decided that one thing which could really help a lot of our patients would be if we could manufacture excellent quality spectacle lenses for people, on-site, within an hour of them having an eye examination at our practice.  

As you can imagine, there are numerous prescription variations and lens types that you could opt for. Multifocal and bifocal lenses need to be manufactured by an outside laboratory, but a high percentage of single vision lenses can be cut on-site.

To this end, both our Brooklyn and Newlands practices have on-site spectacles lens laboratories, which allow us to produce single vision clear, scratch-resistant, anti-reflection coated and high refractive index (thinner) spectacles within an hour. How awesome is that!!

So when it comes to single vision spectacle lenses, you can come and get your eyes examined and get a good lens, with excellent coatings, in a short space of time and at a reasonable price!

Keep warm and Keep safe,

The Saks, Taylor and Brauer Team