Our passion is to deliver quality, affordable and practical eye-care solutions that improve our patients lives. Simple.

We were very pleased to hear from one of our patients that we are doing exactly that! A patient’s story below…

New lenses from the team at STB Optometrists have changed a life

“I initially started my hard contact lens journey around 6 years ago as a result of my eye condition.  This started with the very small hard lenses which in my opinion were a nightmare due to the discomfort and irritation that was caused as well as the effort in getting them into the eyes.  These lenses were then replaced about a year later with the larger lenses, which gave my life new meaning.  I have now just received my second set of large hard lenses and can honestly say from the small lenses to the large lenses it has been a life changing experience.  The comfort and quality of vision is worth every step of the process.  Thanks of course also needs to go out to Dr Brauer & team for always supporting me on this journey and always on hand with the best advice and support.” 

– M. S