The office lens is designed to extend and enhance the near ranges of focus that are utilized by most people when using a mobile phone, laptop and desktop computer or when reading.

It gives the wearer the ability to increase the range of focus from a relatively fixed position of a single focus lens to an extended range of focal distances for office/work use. This however cannot be worn as a regular multifocal as it would blur the distance vision. It would be specifically made up for particular occupational requirements.

The major benefit of using the office lens over the regular multifocal lens is the fact that the width of view can be increased in the near and reading zones. Where the standard multifocal has the most restrictive part of the lens in the reading and intermediate areas this is now filled by the office design lenses.

It is also possible to add specific lens coatings to enhance the performance of these lenses. We can add a blue light control filter or coating which will reduce the effects of both UV and blue light on the user’s eye. An anti-reflective coating would also minimize reflections on the surface of your lenses and reduce irritating reflections on your specs.

The office lens has distinct postural benefits. It obviates having to sit with one’s chin constantly raised which results in great discomfort caused by neck and shoulder spasms.

In conclusion, the modern office lens would not replace the conventional multifocal lens – it would be used as an addition to a multifocal pair of specs but should replace the single vision lens entirely.

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