The different eye tests available at Saks Taylor & Brauer

Saks, Taylor and Brauer optometrists are almost one hundred years old!  A lot has changed since 1922 when Julius Louis Saks set up the practice as an optician near the southwest corner of Paul Kruger and Pretorius Street.  Over the last century, Saks Taylor and Brauer optometrists have invested in the latest and best technology. By […]

Office Lenses Explained

The office lens is designed to extend and enhance the near ranges of focus that are utilized by most people when using a mobile phone, laptop and desktop computer or when reading. It gives the wearer the ability to increase the range of focus from a relatively fixed position of a single focus lens to […]

Anti-Reflection Coatings: What are they and why do I need them?

Spectacle lenses reflects about 8% of the light that lands on your lens allowing only about 92% of the light to be transmitted through the spectacle lens to get to your eye! Less light arriving in your eye means less visual information getting to your brain and so there is a slight drop in visual […]

Thank you, Dr Brauer & Team!

Our passion is to deliver quality, affordable and practical eye-care solutions that improve our patients lives. Simple. We were very pleased to hear from one of our patients that we are doing exactly that! A patient’s story below… “I initially started my hard contact lens journey around 6 years ago as a result of my […]

Do you like to switch it up? Then you’ll love the Dilem Concept!

Dilem is a brand quite unlike any other… Brought to you right from France, Dilem is a revolutionary and patented concept frame with interchangeable temples. This unconventional concept makes it possible to change your appearance to suit your mood or outfit. Dilem’s roots are in the world of fashion in terms of design, colours and […]

The New Normal means a lot of change… as well as a lot of Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Syndrome / Digital Eye Strain (DES) is becoming increasingly concerning. As a result of advances in digital technology, digital devices have taken over our lives, being used for both work and leisure.  We spend so much time looking at our computer screens, smartphones, tablets and television screens especially now that many of us […]

Specs in 60 Minutes

There is an often-repeated service or sales maxim that goes something along the following lines: There are 3 kinds or service:Cheap…. Fast…. GoodBut you can only choose 2:Cheap and fast will not be goodFast and good will not be cheapAnd Good and cheap will not be fast. I think anyone that has spent time in […]